The Real Story Behind Oral Hygiene Checkups

Have you had your teeth cleaned during a general dentistry appointment in Lyndhurst, OH, lately? If not, you may want to examine your repertoire of knowledge about dental hygiene appointments to make sure there are no mistruths and misleading bits of information keeping you from your appointment. While dental cleaning appointments are critical to your oral health care plan, many people fail to make them. Take a look at the myths associated with oral hygiene visits and the real facts behind them.

Myth: Getting your teeth cleaned isn’t necessary if you brush and floss as you should.

Fact: Regular dental cleanings are essential, even with diligent brushing and flossing, as they remove plaque and tartar buildup that home care may miss. For example, when you brush and floss, it is almost impossible to get all bits of bacteria or food particles around the gum line. However, a hygienist has professional-grade tools to get to these hard-to-reach areas.

Myth: You don’t need an oral hygiene appointment with dental crowns or implants.

Fact: Oral hygiene appointments remain crucial even if you do have dental crowns or implants. These visits are important for ensuring proper cleaning and maintenance around the gum line to prevent issues like gum disease. Therefore, visiting a dentist twice a year for a thorough cleaning remains an important part of your oral health care plan, even after cosmetic procedures.

Myth: Having your teeth professionally cleaned breaks down the enamel.

Fact: Professional teeth cleaning doesn’t weaken enamel; in fact, it strengthens oral health by removing harmful substances, which promotes a healthier and brighter smile. After a hygiene appointment, you may feel a bit of sensitivity, but this is not because the enamel has been damaged during the cleaning. Instead, this may be due to a change in sensation because plaque has been removed. Over time, the teeth will typically become stringer as remineralization occurs, and sensitivity will subside.

Create an Oral Hygiene Plan with a Lyndhurst, OH Dentist

The most important thing to keep in mind about oral hygiene appointments is the fact that they are a vital part of your oral health care plan. If you have not had your teeth cleaned in a while, be sure to talk to a good dentist in Lyndhurst, OH, about a checkup and a plan. Reach out to Lyndhurst Family Dental to get started.